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So I was reading some fics that had nothing to do with either Buffy or Torchwood and this plot bunny jumped out and bit me, not really sure if I want to write but if someone else does please feel free too...

SPOILERS- for all of season 1 of Torchwood and all of Buffy series

 Pairing- Xander/Ianto/Jack, Dawn/Toshiko, Faith/The Doctor or Faith/???

Last Episode of both series- Xander becomes super powerful due to Willow's spell, Spike and Anya's sacrifice, and restraints being lifted from the Hyena and Solider. Right after the destruction of Sunnydale, a power-to-be ask Xander to stop a major apocolypse in a near by universe. He's allowed to take a Slayer and Watcher with him. He choose Dawn(watcher in training) and Faith....small buffy and willow hissy fit but they eventually shut-up. The three go to right before the Rift opens....before shooting Jack, Owen and Gwen beat him up pretty badly.....just as Owen is about the pull the trigger Xander makes the gun vanish....he then rushes over to Jack, his girls keep the others away, and help Jack to his feet, nuzzling Jack's neck and claiming him as a mate....Xander then passes Jack off to Faith while hollaring for "creepy man" to show himself....he does and pales when he sees Xander who tears into him before calling Dffyron....who shows and is pissed taking the screaming creature with him....Dawn meanwhile closes everything fairly tight with the rift and the world stablizes....Xander then turns on the rest of Torchwood and rips into what idiots they were...and who much troible they will be in come the next day....that they are all on suspension...don't try to vanish...he can find them...now to get the hell out....Rhys is alive and awake but angry, he walks past Gwen without a word and shrugs off her touch, she chases after him frantically....Owen glares at Xander but decides to go after Gwen....Toshiko and Ianto just stand there crying feeling like idiots....Ianto longs to go over to hold Jack, make sure he's okay.....Xander sighs healy and calls on the spirit world to grant three favors....the first makes the Ghost of the real Captain Jack Harkness appear making both Tosh and our Jack gasp, he walks over and gently strokes our Jack's cheek, then tells him how proud he is that Jack used his name, that een the mistakes Jack made over the years only meant he was human, that he knows Jack is a good man deep down who did what was need to surivie, now is the time to move beyoen surving and into living and loving....Jack was made immortal for a reason, not a punishment, someday he'll be in heaven, he's not ever really felt true death....to let Xander and Ianto take good care of him(he glares at Ianto hard before turning back to Jack)...and that he'll be waiting to be reunited so they can finish their dance someday...with that Jack Harkness kisses our Jack's forehead before vanishing.....Xander pulls Jack sideways onto his lap and rocks him gently while rubbing his back....during this another ghost appears who goes directly towards Toshiko, it's her grandmother, who tells her that for the most part she's proud of Tosh, no matter what the others in the family say, she doesn't mind if toshiko loves women more than men, and that Toshiko does a good thing for human kind....to trust this new man and her leader Jack...and to let her heart open again....she bows before Toshiko before anishing....the final ghost is Lisa, she just stares at Ianto shaking her head slightly....she tells him how disapointed she is that he almost put the whole world at risk for her, she'd never have wanted that, he had to know that, he also needed to know that she has been in heaven since the moment the cyberman made her heart stop beating the first time, she then tells him to stop hiding from life and love, to show the world the true hero and wonderful human that she knows is in his soul, that the road to redemption won't be easy but is worth reawards and he won't be facing the path alone, she kisses his cheek and tells him to behave and love with his whole heart and then she'll see him in the afterlife someday....Ianto falls to his knees sobbing hysterically as the realzitions of everything his lost and everything his done hit him....Dawn goes over and leads Toshiko out to a spare room to calm her down and comfort her with tea and conversation.....Faith picks up Ianto in her arms without him even notcing he's crying so hard, Xander stands still holding the crying Jack and motions for her to follow him to the master bedroom....Xander concentrates and changes the room to look more like an arabain concubine quarters....he settles on the floor in the middle of a large pile of pillows....shifting Jack slightly so he's on one side and lets Faith place the sobbing Ianto on his other side..he gives her a smile when she informs him about going on a small patrol and that she protect the rest of the pack....Xander starts purring softly while stoking the scalps of both men to calm them down....

Well? Someone want to write it for me or should I take on another fic?


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