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These are by the fantastic artist X -- you get to choose and post one in your profile or wherever you'd like upon completing a challenge story; customize with your name, story title, etc. as you like!

He is just indecently beautiful...

::gets distracted ::

Anyway, there's a little inspiration!
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Tomorrow, March 15, ends our initial challenge period, so if you can -- get those stories posted. We have over a dozen stories so far and hope for more. Many thanks to all the authors who've participated to date.

We will, however, keep the community open and continue to invite everyone to post Captain Jack crossovers here. We'll also keep the memories, tags, and master list updated (all linked on the sidebar of the community's journal, and the profile page) so readers can easily look through the stories posted here.
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Request -- Please Post Here

I know it's an extra step, but we'd really, really appreciate it if you could post your story to the community itself, rather than just as a link to your journal. There are a few reasons for this, including as having all the stories in one place and in a consistent format, and it also makes it a bit easier for us to put them into memories.

If you'd rather keep all comments at your own journal, that's fine. Just disable comments on your post to the community, and put a link at the bottom of your post saying something like this: "Please comment over at [link to your post + "?mode=reply" at the end] my journal." That link will open up a comment window on the story post at your journal.

If you've already posted a story and wouldn't mind reposting it here, that would be great. We'll delete the original post and re-tag and memory the new one.

Reminder -- Header

Please be sure to include the following in your header:

Story Title:
Author Name/LJ:
Crossover Fandom:

(Start story here, behind a cut tag)

Notes are optional -- and if they're long, you can put them behind the cut tag, if you want. Everything else is kind of, well, not optional -- we need it to tag and memory your story properly, and to put it in the list of completed stories.

One exception is for "crossover fandom" -- if you have a massively multifandom story like Career Highlights, then labelling it "multifandom" is just fine.

We'd appreciate a rating of G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17; we'll take our best guess if you use something else. Something like "gen, safe for work" is probably going to get a PG-13 in the story list, just to be on the safe side, unless you tell us otherwise.

Thanks -- the stories posted so far have been terrific, and we look forward to more of them!
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Share your idea for potential crossover fandoms (with or without characters) here! (Be sure to identify the fandom clearly, especially if it's rare.)

A few to get us started, in no particular order:

- Pirates of the Carribean: *Jack Sparrow
- Stargate Atlantis: Rodney, Teyla
- Stargate SG-1: Vala, Jack, Daniel
- Buffy/Angelverse: Buffy, Angel, Spike, Giles
- Highlander the Series: Duncan, Methos, Amanda, Warren Cochrane
- Heroes: Isaac, Mohinder, Peter
- The Prestige (movie): Angier, Borden
- Troy (movie): Hector, Odysseus
- Rome (HBO): Mark Antony, Vorenus
- Master & Commander: *Jack Aubrey
- Eureka: Jack Carter
- Sharpe movies/books: Richard Sharpe, *Jack Spears
- A Knight's Tale (movie): Will, Jocelyn, Coleville/Edward, Chaucer, Kate
- Horatio Hornblower (movies): Horatio, Archie
- 24: Jack Bauer
- Life on Mars: Sam Tyler
- Due South: Ray Kowalski
- Wodehouse: Bertie Wooster
- James Bond: James Bond
- Supernatural: Sam Winchester
- Smallville: Lex
- Dead Zone: Johnny
- Firefly: Mal, Simon, Kaylee, Inara
- Entourage: Ari, Eric, Vince
- Star Trek TOS: Kirk
- Star Trek DS9: Bashir
- Invisible Man: Claire, Darien
- Man from Uncle: Napoleon Solo
- Hustle: Mickey, Danny, Stacie
- X-Files: Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krycek
- Battlestar Galactica: Kara, Lee, Anders

*Also a Captain Jack!
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Have an idea that you don't plan to use? Share it in this thread!

(If you just want to list a fandom, rather than a more developed idea, use this thread instead.)
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Use this thread to post the crossover fandom you plan to write.

Remember, it's not exclusive... more than one person may write a story featuring any given crossover fandom. See the FAQ for more information.


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Greetings! Welcome to the Captain's Cracktastic Crossovers.

Please read this FAQ to get started! )


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