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Learning to Live Instead of Exist

Written By: Mistress Titania

Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create Torchwood. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI-New York or Navy-NCIS, they belong to to own creators and distribution companies. I make no profit off this and write only for my own pleasure.

Rating: FRAO

Pairing- Xander/Ianto/Jack, Dawn/Toshiko, Faith/???, Tony Dinozzo/???, Don Flack jr/Danny Messer, Abby Sciuto/???, Jack O'Niell/Daniel Jackson

Spoilers: All seasons of BtVS, first season of Torchwood in particular the last two episodes, right around Tanglewood episode of CSI-New York and up till Kate is killed on NCIS, not sure what season that was.

Warning: Will contain slashy threesome sex scenes eventually, some femslash and hetero hinted at; OOC(especially Gwen, Owen, Buffy, and Willow);

Notes: Xander was changed by the spell preformed by Willow, as was everyone inside the school but it hasn't become clear how everyone changed yet; Xander will gain his eye back when he changes universes because that was the only way the power of sight/visions would work there; one of the ways Dawn changed is that only she can use the power of the key now, she is immortal for as long she wishes to remain human; Dawn and Xander are the only ones who treat Faith with respect, both believe it was a causality of war(the first human killed) and was handled badly, the three of them have become family and have been in England with Giles since the fall of Sunnydale.

Summary: Xander is called upon by a power-to-be and sent to another universe to save our world and theirs, along with the bonus of finding love and happiness.

Not Beta'd but spell checked


Special Guest Appearances: Caitlin "Kate" Todd from Navy NCIS, Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, and Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate-SG1


Xander sighed as he put the finishing touches on his latest sculpture, this upcoming show would be his sixth one in England. It was nice that after things settled down with the closing of the hellmouth in Sunnydale and finding out about the different life insurance polices that he was able to explore his creative side for the first time ever. Thanks to Anya's investments and Cordelia's life insurance, Xander would never have to work again and still be able to take care of Dawn's college. However, Xander has become the new it thing on London art scene and no raw made well off triple Anya's investments in the previous five shows. Dawn claimed his estimated wealth was in the range of 6.5 million, that was only the easily accessible amount which really was all Xander cared about. Only Dawn, Faith, Giles, his lawyer and account knew how rich Xander really was. The stupid bimbo's from Sunnydale thought he was worth about the cost of a cup of coffee and was living on disability payments and that his art was a dumb hobby. They had yet to attend a single show or see any of his work, always coming up with reasons to be out of the country at the time.

Dawn had just turned eighteen two weeks ago and still had yet to tell Xander what she wanted for a present. Her actually birthday celebration was a small dinner with Xander, Faith and Giles at a very fancy London restaurant(Faith claimed she saw Angelina Jolie in bathroom). There was a birthday card from Buffy that actually came a month early and was only signed with her name, not a surprise really. Buffy was more than happy to have let Xander take custody of Dawn these last two years. Buffy claimed she was doing important Slayer duty, but really she was traveling the world on the counsels dime, giving pep talks to potential slayers and boinking Deadboy now that his soul was permanent. Angel claimed he traveled with her for protection which was both sickening and stupid, protection for "the world's best slayer" as she liked to call herself these days. Dawn traveled with Buffy for all of two weeks before she got sick of the lovebirds and quickly headed back to England to finish her last two years of school. Buffy rarely called to check in on Dawn. She never remembered the important days either such as their mother's birthday or even Dawn's birthday. But luckily between Xander and Faith being surrogate older siblings Dawn found she didn't miss Buffy at all.

After the fall of Sunnydale the most surprising event ended up being that Faith and Willow got together for a couple of months.They had been traveling for a while when Faith started to feel weak, almost as if she'd been given the drug to make a slayer normal but Giles promised her it no longer existed and that nobody knew how to make it. Willow and Buffy dismissed Faith's worries as nothing, just age, but they seem to have forgotten that she is younger than Buffy, who didn't show any signs of weakness. After talking to Xander and Dawn on the phone Faith went to a witch doctor that Anya had told Xander to go to if he ever had another magical illness. Faith trusted Xander and Dawn, even more than her girlfriend, which pissed Willow off a bit. However, during those last few weeks before Sunnydale fell and those couple weeks before they left to travel, those two had become Faith's family, giving each other the strength to keep going each day. Faith was shocked and broken hearted with what the witch doctor had to tell her and immediately jumped on a plane to go live permanently with Dawna and Xander. Willow had cast a spell on Faith that slowly sucked the mystical slayer power from her and transferred it into both Willow and Buffy. This was why Buffy didn't show the signs of getting weaker that a slayer past her mid-twenties should be showing and it also explained why Willow never needed recovery time after casting spells, no matter the power level needed to cast. The witch doctor was able to break the spell easily and returned most of the energy back to Faith, the rest her body replenished naturally over time since she was closer to Dawn's age than Buffy's age, though she never really told anyone that. Faith did manage to stop and leave a note for Willow telling her that they were done and to find a magic AA since obviously Willow fell of the magic user wagon. Both Willow and Buffy called Faith's cell phone and left very nasty messages before they turned to Dawn and Xander. The girls tried to get the two to see why it was better for Faith to be almost powerless but only Angel took their side. Giles was furious with both his former charges and told them they were not allowed onto the London council property until they apologized, they weren't going to but after he took away the money then they gave everyone a fake half-hearted apology. Nobody really bought it but decided it was more important to deal with all the new slayers than two petty bitches who didn't want to grow-up.

Surprisingly the three amigos as they were calling themselves these days had very little problems sharing a condo. There were the normal arguments over wet towels on the floor and empty milk cartons in the fridge but overall life was good. The fought all the big bads that attempted to end the world without breaking a sweat. They all dated a variety of people but kept it all very casual. Each night they did practice helping each other become stronger in different areas-magical, academic, physical, cooking, money management, car matianience, and household upkeep. One night a week was focused on only a single topic at a time and by Dawn was graduating from High School, it was no surprise that Faith managed to get her GED and Xander manged to get over two thirds of the way to a complete of a degree in Biology. While his passion was creating art Xander had a strong desire to still help people and decided that after this last show his art would be a hobby from now on. He had been excepted into a local medical school in the fall and his girls along with Giles were just so proud of him. Dawn was leaning towards a degree in business, both because she found a real interest in it and it was a small tribute to Anya. Come fall they had talked Faith into attending a few classes a local junior college. Once her learning disabilities were diagnosed it made things a lot clearer on ways to help her understand things without the book taking flying jump out a window. Dawn and Xander were trying to subtly push Faith to go into some type of social work, especially those who have learning disabilities or come from abusive homes. At least that was their plans until once again the fates or powerstobe, whatever you want to call them, stepped in the way and redirected the three of them on a very different path. It would be challenging, hard, and at times thankless but the rewards were a place to belong and their own unconditional true loves. Of course like many changes in life, this one didn't happen at a convenient time either, no it happened just as the three of them were about to crawl into bed, or around three in the morning.


"Would you to stop bickering all ready and just wake them up. You know we can't be down here very long without messing with all sorts of balances."

"Oh, shut-up! Your just happy because we get to save one of your boyfriends and your home world!"

"HE WAS NOT NOR WILL HE EVER BE MY BOYFRIEND! He was like the older brother I never had! Besides, if I really was in love with him would I be setting him up with at least one guy, maybe two, for a life long romance?! I think not! Besides it's not just my home world that will be saved, it's Daniel's home world too, plus you know damn well that if that world goes so do a bunch of other universes, since it's considered a core universe, including your home world, MISS THING!!!!"

Heavy sighs from the two females and the one male who so far has stayed quiet.

"I'm sorry Rose, your right. Honestly, it's my time of the month, who would have known that even in the afterlife hormones would still effect rational thoughts and feelings." Kate leaned over and gave Rose a hug. Daniel cringed at the mention of a woman's cycle but was glad they had stopped fighting.

"As touching as this scene is maybe you three can tell me what they hell your doing in our living room at three in the morning. Especially you Kate, who I know is dead from a head shot that happened not even two months ago! Tony is still beating himself up over it, wishing it been him and Gibbs is not helping him at all! I get that you need us, Faith, Dawn and myself to go to another universe to stop some big bad from destroying all of existence. So why don't you start make with the explaining and then we'll tell you what are demands will be for doing this quest of the powers." Spoke Xander as he walked down the stairs and came into the living room where the three "ghosts" were standing in shock. Right behind Xander were Dawn and Faith, both carrying several packed bags of clothing and weapons. "Oh don't panic too much, we all were part of a slayer dream Faith had a couple days ago and have been expecting you. So what's the situation, the dream was really vague."

Daniel, Kate, and Rose looked at each a little unsure what to do now or who should explain things. Finally Rose stepped forward since the first part of their talks dealt with her old friends.

"I come from a universe where instead of supernatural problems, we have aliens and rifts in time&space. One such rift is in Cardiff in the United Kingdom near their Millennium center. Right beneath is a organization called Torchwood that helps protect and hide aliens and their technology from the people. Think a little like Men In Black, but they have pills instead of the flashy memory device to erase your memory of the strange. Anyway a few demons over the years managed to find their way to my universe and world, one was trapped under the city of Cardiff, well his hench man who can jump around time and make ghosts appear, is working on tricking the members of Torchwood to open the Rift. There is only one man who is fighting and knows it's wrong, my wonderful substitute big brother, who goes by the name Captain Jack Harkness, his real name was lost to him when the time agency he worked for back in the 51st century erased a good junk of his memory. It's a long complicated story that he'll have to tell you, anyway he met up with me and a friend called. The Doctor, the last of his species-Time Lords, anyway Jack was made immortal with us. He can be killed but he'll come back to life, he's bitter about it. That's one part I'm hoping you can help him with, learn to accept that cause he really does have a higher purpose. All of you who agree to go will have your aging slowed down dramatically, every year for your body will equal 100 years in real time, except for the mate of Jack's who will become the same type of immortal he is. Anyway, where was I in my explanation, or yeah, we need you to stop them from opening the rift because it will not only release this really bad demon that feeds on life but they won't be able to re-close the rift and it will tear apart my old universe first before moving on and devouring all universes everywhere. Due to mutiny that will be caused by the jerks trying to open the rift, Jack will really need the three of you to help run Torchwood for a while until either the old workers snap out of it or new people are trained. Once that happens you will most likely be sent to Colorado in that same world and for that explanation I turn to Daniel. But let me add one last thing, Jack has turned bitter but he really is very fragile; he desperately needs love and family to care for him again. Before you go I'll have a letter for you to give him that might help," finished Rose sadly.

"Thanks Rose, I'm known in that world as Dr. Daniel Jackson, also known in the academic world as that pyramid alien crackpot. See I was able to figure out that in ancient times a certain type of alien used the pyramids as landing sites and well it's this big long story. Anyway know that for the most part it's not widely known but I was tracked down by the US government to help them work on a project called "Stargate". The aliens left this device that allows you to travel to different alien worlds, of course this also lead the bad guys to finding us and we've been fighting them ever since. But like Rose said that will come later in your mission, the most important part is stopping the rift from opening and saving Torchwood, along with Jack Harkness, Once done you'll go and help the fight in space against the Goul'd(snake bad guys), the Ori(wannabe gods too), and the Wraith(space vampires). It hasn't be decided for sure yet but you may also be asked to travel to Atlantis. It my world Atlantis was a city lost, that parts true, but it wasn't destroyed, just abandoned, and it was in another galaxy, the Pegasus galaxy. I've been told my time in the afterlife is actually going to be short this time around, I'll be sent back to my world and my Jack, General Jack O'Niell. I'll send a letter with you also if you agree, that has more details and explanations for the parties in the Stargate program that will need convincing to let you help. I just want to say thank you ahead of time for trying to save our world and for all the times you've saved this one, because if this world falls so would have mine eventually. So Thank You!" grinned Daniel with a large smile at three ex-scoobies.

"I don't have some big speech for you. I'm really just here to prove this is one the up and up and not some belated trick by the first since Xander knew me in life. I'm also to act as the go between for you between the worlds and also between the powers that be. So, lets hear your demands and get this show on the road as quick as possible" said Kate.

"Okay, we've been talking about this since the slayer dreamer. We have to two crucial parts that must be agreed too for us to go. The first being that the powers block Willow and all other demons/witches from this world into being able to contact us or retrieve us from the other universe. She does it now, if they need something fixed Willow will use her power to drag me back to Cleveland to fix a crossbow or a door without asking first. Once we leave this world we don't want to have contact with anyone from here ever again unless we initiate it, which is highly doubtful. The second crucial part is that Tony DiNozzo goes with us. We don't like how Gibbs is treating him and have seen the future, Gibbs ex is coming back and he will ignore Tony for her, but still expect Tony to be ready for sex on the side. Also a Ari's sister will be taking your place at NCIS, and she's going to be a real bitch to Tony and no one will stop her. Now as to to minor things they-" but Xander was interrupted by the doorbell.

Everyone was a little surprised and shocked that someone would ring the doorbell in the middle of then night and none of them were expecting anyone. Faith went over and opened the door and let out a happy shriek when she saw who it was, stepping back she let the two people enter. Everyone else in the room gasped when they saw three men and one female walk into the room, each was carrying a large suit case. One of the men looked very depressed and weak and was curled into the side of the larger man who was holding him protectively.(In real life Carmine Giovinazzo who plays Danny Messer is 5'9'' and Eddie Cahill who plays Don Flack Jr is 6'2'', so it works out perfectly anyway.) The female was hovering near the other male, though she looked like a stereotypical goth she had strong intelligence shinning through her eyes. The other male just happened to be the one they were speaking about, Tony DiNozzo.

"Umm, hi Xander, Dawn and Faith. I'm here because my great-grandmother visited me in a dream and told me that I was going to be going a great journey with you guys to a new world were aliens exist and where I would finally find my soulmate. I was also told to pick-up Danny Messer since he was being emotionally abused by his boss and coworkers, along with being in danger from the mob. So taking him to another universe would protect him from both. However, when I showed up at his apartment, his best friend Don Flack Jr, was there trying to convince Danny not to kill himself. Don then invited himself along when I told him why I was there for Danny, I checked quickly and it appears they are soulmates so yes both have to go together. And when I was leaving my place with a suitcase Abby showed up and figured out I was leaving for good and insisted she come with me, she still insisted after I told her there would be no coming back. So here we all are, packed and ready to go start our new lives," exclaimed Tony nervous. "Oh and Kate it's good to see you again, I'm glad your happy working for the powers now."

"Thanks Tony and we are almost ready to send you guys, just have to wait for the other demands since it's obvious that the four of you were meant to go with them. And don't worry Xander, once your gone the powers will make sure nobody from this universe can contact you without you making contact first. That goes for Willow, Gibbs and Mac too. So let's hear the rest Xander, times a wasting," smirked Kate.

"Well, those were the two crucial things. Let's see, you promised we'd slow on aging or stopping aging all together, no willow contact is great, we've got Tony now along with his friends, We also would like all the money and bank accounts we have in this world to be transferred to the next, along with proper identification and histories that will be able to verified by who ever needs to without look suspicious, especially if we are going to be working with the US military at some point. Actually instead of a bunch of accounts if you could set up one main account where you take all the money from everyone that's going from this world and put it in the next." Xander looks at Rose.

"Give me a moment," Rose closes her eyes and focuses her for a moment before opening them again, "Done, the access information will be in the office at the house you will all share in Cardiff and so will all identification paper work you'll need. We did have to sell the stocks that belonged to Xander, Don and Tony. Also, yes both Tony and Xander have a large amount of money that neither of them want, both gained it through the death of loved ones, so please don't try to fight the fact that it's all communal money now, it's not charity! Also we will be giving a lot of you the same last name so that it appears your all one family, Danny and Don you will have a marriage certificate showing since it's legal in the UK, later you can have another ceremony if you want. The last name we decided to go with though so if your wondering the total worth of the seven of you is around thirty-four million. So your new last name is Ackerman, which means the brave, firm, unyielding man. We felt that fit all of you very nicely. First names will stay them same, less chance you'll forget your new persona that way. We did try to stick as close to what your were familiar with in this world but that wasn't always possible as you'll find out when you arrive. Now any other requests before we send you on your way, time is off the essence."

The travelers looked around at each and slowly shook their heads. Everyone put their bags in the pile in the middle of the room and watched as the vanished, the bags being sent ahead to their new house. Then Danny, Don, Tony, Abby, Dawn, Faith, and Xander made a circle and held hands while their three "ghosts" started to chant. Soon a large bright light filled the room and when it the light was gone so were the seven people.


Not even a minute after that the front door was kicked in and their stood Willow, Buffy, Mac Taylor and Jethro Gibbs.

"Your too late! They are gone and beyond your reach forever. You can no longer hurt them, abuse them, use them and call on them when its convenient for you! Someday you might realize what you've all truly lost today but tough shit! You had your chance but instead of appreciating the beautiful souls you attempted to destroy them! So fuck you!" Shouted Daniel at them before flipping them off. Kate and Rose were a little surprised at Daniel's outburst but they new he'd been treated crappy at times in his previous life.

"He's right, the powers made sure that no matter what type of magic you try, those seven are now beyond your reach forever. At know that even in death you won't be reunited with them! Jethro, you really disappointed me, you had a chance to make Tony yours! He could loved all of you but instead you pushed him away! And now you've lost Abby and him, forever, you total jackass! And you, Mister Taylor are a self righteous jerk! Like you never screwed up, never made a mistake when you were younger?! And Danny's mistakes weren't even his own, just the bad luck of being born into a mobbed up family! He fought hard to get away from that life and got hell from both sides for it. He really respected you and was even thinking of starting to trust you when Sonny had to open his mouth. What I don't understand is why you would believe a criminal over Danny! Well you can try to explain to Flack Senior how you drove away his son by being a jackass to his best friend and possible lover! And once again Mr.Taylor, just like Gibbs, you threw away your chance for a second shot of love and happiness. By the way when you die your wife is planning on slapping the hell out of you for a few years! Same with you Gibbs, boy is your daughter pissed at your behavior, she really like Tony. Now neither of you will ever get these men back but you still have a chance to fix your lives and find happiness, maybe you'll even be lucky and the powers will give you two a third shot at love. But this time really think before you act, don't let fear dictate your actions! And Gibbs, for heaven's sake don't repeat bad behavior, as in don't get involved with any more exes that might show up!" drawing in a deep breath Kate turned to look at the Slayer and Witch. "As for you two, I'm not sure I can think of the words to describe how disgusting I find you both, your the equivalent to snail slime in my eyes! Now while Gibbs and Mr.Taylor unknowingly did damage, out of fear and stupidity, plus male pride, the two of you knew exactly what you were doing! You deliberately set out to hurt Xander and Faith as much as possible but especially Xander! That boy was nothing but faithful to the both of you! Even though neither of you will ever acknowledge it, he saved your lives several times! Don't you dare snort in amusement little miss thing! Yes, the boy lied about Willow telling you to kick Angelus's ass when she was actually performing the spell to re-soul him, so what! He did it to save the whole world, you self centered whore! He had no idea if Willow would be able to do it, especially since she had tried and failed before, and if Buffy had any hope that Angel would come back she wouldn't have fought with everything! AND DON'T LIE AND SAY THAT SHE WOULD! How many times did she face Angelus and not dust him?! How many people did he kill simply because she wanted her boyfriend back?! She would have let the world end if she thought Angel would come back. Yes, she knew it was him when stabbed him but the portal was already open and besides it was the the 'slayer' that stabbed him, not the real Buffy part. And even then she ran, abandoning her duty. So to keep making Xander suffer for protecting the world is just plain STUPID! But it doesn't matter anymore because no matter what you try, what magics or even demonic wishes, nothing will bring them back to this world. Not that you really care but in the world they were sent they will all find true love and happiness. They will still fight and save the planet but along the way they will live long lives filled with much happiness, love, and even children. So, maybe someday you can be happy for them, but I doubt, doesn't matter, they are all safe from you! So goodbye!" With that all three ghosts vanished.

Jethro Gibbs and Mac Taylor looked at each both feeling the losses. Nodding to each they turned and left deciding to go to a bar and share their sorrows with a person who might actually understand. It made the powers happy that at least those two were actually listening and taking a small step towards healing. Meanwhile, Willow and Buffy were busy destroying everything that had been left behind in the apartment. Both women were furious and determined to find away to bring them back, if only to yell at them. But the powers were true to their words. The girls tried for many years but were never able to bring Dawn, Faith, and Xander back. They, Buffy and Willow, turned into bitter, angry, old women that lived in the house that kids were always afraid to go near, because the evil "witches" lived there and died there, just the two of them, alone, because even Angel and Giles got tired of their anger towards those that had left them and moved away too.

However for Xander, Dawn, Faith, Tony, Abby, Danny, and Don things were just getting started as they landed in flash of light in the middle of Torchwood 3's underground base.


End Prologue

Thanks for reading and I would love feedback. I'd also like to know who you would like to see Faith, Tony and Abby paired up with from either Torchwood, Doctor Who, Stargate-SG1 or Stargate-Atlantis.

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