Jun. 21st, 2007

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Learning to Live Instead of Exist

Written By: Mistress Titania

Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create Torchwood. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI-New York or Navy-NCIS, they belong to to own creators and distribution companies. I make no profit off this and write only for my own pleasure.

Rating: FRAO

Pairing- Xander/Ianto/Jack, Dawn/Toshiko, Faith/???, Tony Dinozzo/???, Don Flack jr/Danny Messer, Abby Sciuto/???, Jack O'Niell/Daniel Jackson

Spoilers: All seasons of BtVS, first season of Torchwood in particular the last two episodes, right around Tanglewood episode of CSI-New York and up till Kate is killed on NCIS, not sure what season that was.

Warning: Will contain slashy threesome sex scenes eventually, some femslash and hetero hinted at; OOC(especially Gwen, Owen, Buffy, and Willow);

Notes: Xander was changed by the spell preformed by Willow, as was everyone inside the school but it hasn't become clear how everyone changed yet; Xander will gain his eye back when he changes universes because that was the only way the power of sight/visions would work there; one of the ways Dawn changed is that only she can use the power of the key now, she is immortal for as long she wishes to remain human; Dawn and Xander are the only ones who treat Faith with respect, both believe it was a causality of war(the first human killed) and was handled badly, the three of them have become family and have been in England with Giles since the fall of Sunnydale.

Summary: Xander is called upon by a power-to-be and sent to another universe to save our world and theirs, along with the bonus of finding love and happiness.

Not Beta'd but spell checked


Prologue )

Thanks for reading and I would love feedback. I'd also like to know who you would like to see Faith, Tony and Abby paired up with from either Torchwood, Doctor Who, Stargate-SG1 or Stargate-Atlantis.


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